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  • Return of the Sussex Emerald

    Return of the Sussex Emerald

    The Sussex Emerald (Thalera fimbrialis) moth is a very rare beast in the UK, with breeding traditionally restricted to the disturbed shingle habitats at Dungeness in Kent

  • Mew Name Madness!

    Mew Name Madness!

    As with many of our birds, the English names of gulls are generally pretty descriptive.

  • Bees at Castle Water

    Bees at Castle Water

    The sandy areas at the northern end of Castle Water are excellent for early bees associated with sandy habitats and over the last few years we have turned up a range of rare species

  • WeBS Counts

    WeBS Counts

    The Wetland Bird Survey (WeBS) monitors numbers of non-breeding waterfowl in the UK.

  • Courting Danger

    Courting Danger

    Most, if not all spiders employ some form of courtship when wooing a prospective partner.