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As darkness falls

22 May 2012 | Posted in Wildlife Events

In 21st century Britain, how often do we choose to be out in the countryside as darkness falls?

Our reticence may lead us to miss wonderful wildlife experiences such as hearing the intriguing 'churring' call of the nocturnal and elusive nightjar, returning from Africa to spend the summer in Sussex. And did you know you can 'hear' bats by using a special detector?

nightjar / Neil Fletcher
nightjar (c) Neil Fletcher / Sussex Wildlife Trust

Listen to nightjars churring

An Evening with Nightjars and Bats at Buchan Country Park near Crawley will be held on June 12th beginning at 19:30 and ending around 22:00. Booking is essential. For further information please email [email protected] or phone 01273 497561.

Cost for Sussex Wildlife Trust members is 9, non-members 12.

Nightjar churring recording by Benboncan

Used under Creative Commons License

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