• Our Working Washland complete

    Our Working Washland complete

    Last week we posted a blog about our working washland near Plumpton. One week on and our working washland is complete.

  • A liking for lichen

    A liking for lichen

    Lichen is an everyday sight that can often go unnoticed but the more you look, the more of it you see

  • Oystercatcher


    There’s no mistaking the oystercatcher, one of the largest, noisiest and arguably best dressed of our shorebirds.

  • Winter Thrushes

    Winter Thrushes

    The seasonal influx of redwings and fieldfares heralds the start of winter

  • Working Washlands

    Working Washlands

    How to create over 100 tonnes of flood storage in a couple of days.

  • On the up!

    On the up!

    … some species are doing well at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • A Plastic Legacy

    A Plastic Legacy

    Plastic is hugely versatile and durable, which makes it great for all manner of applications. These qualities of plastic however, make it a huge problem for the environment.

  • Hordes of Hawfinch

    Hordes of Hawfinch

    As winter arrives, a special visitor has been spotted in Sussex - the elusive hawfinch

  • Goals and Gulls

    Goals and Gulls

    ‘SEAGULLS, SEAGULLS’ is chanted in the stands but how much do you know about the gulls of Sussex?