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  • The Economics of Biodiversity

    The Economics of Biodiversity

    A major review has been produced by Sir Partha Dasgupta, Professor of Economics and Cambridge University – “The Economics of Biodiversity​”, looking at the economics of biodiversity, but it in a quite fundamental way.

  • Standing up for wildlife

    Standing up for wildlife

    At a time of ecological crisis, we look to our public bodies to restore nature and not perpetuate the permitted loss that has contributed to the UK’s depleted wildlife at land and at sea.

  • Mile (ish) High Club

    Mile (ish) High Club

    James Duncan looks up at the amazing world of aerial raptor courtship

  • Courting Danger

    Courting Danger

    Most, if not all spiders employ some form of courtship when wooing a prospective partner.

  • Fish tail tales

    Fish tail tales

    You may have noticed that different species of fish have different shaped tails. These different shapes have evolved over time depending on the lifestyle of the fish.

  • Tails you win

    Tails you win

    Tails come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. If you’re a vertebrate, you’ve probably got one – though humans (and all great apes) are notable exceptions. So why do animals have tails, what are they used for, and why don’t we have one?

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