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  • Species Spotlight: Waxwing

    Species Spotlight: Waxwing

    It would seem bizarre to wish for any invasion of Britain. Fortunately there’s one winter invasion that’s rather more desirable. For anybody familiar with the Waxwing, fingers will be kept firmly crossed for their arrival

  • Go Away!

    Go Away!

    If, as I do, you run a moth trap you will have noticed that moth colouration falls roughly into two categories.

  • Pallid Swift

    Pallid Swift

    On 16th November Rye Harbour Nature Reserve had a visit from a very lucky bird, a Pallid Swift.

  • The 'British Bird of Paradise' - the Jay

    The 'British Bird of Paradise' - the Jay

    With extravagant pink plumage, a drooping black moustache and a snazzy electric blue flash through the wings it’s no surprise that eminent Sussex naturalist W.H. Hudson called it ‘the British Bird of Paradise’.

  • Burton Pond fencing

    Burton Pond fencing

    Work will be carried out from mid-November until late December. and will entail some tree and scrub clearance along the fence line.

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