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  • Merry Marine Christmas

    Merry Marine Christmas

    Ella Garrud, Living Seas Officer, shares some facts about festive marine wildlife

  • Bittern's Got Talent

    Bittern's Got Talent

    Bitterns were driven to extinction in the UK. By restoring their reedbed habitats, there are now more than 160.

  • Meet our members - John Webber

    Meet our members - John Webber

    We speak to John Webber. John and his wife Clare live in Lewes and have been Joint Members of Sussex Wildlife Trust for five years.

  • Birds in winter Q&A

    Birds in winter Q&A

    A little ‘Birds in Winter’ Q&A with Charlotte Owen, WildCall Officer

  • Return of the Natives

    Return of the Natives

    ​In an earlier blog I recounted the tale of species which have been new arrivals on the Nature Reserve in the last 50 years.

  • Butterfly survival strategies for winter

    Butterfly survival strategies for winter

    ​Butterflies are creatures of the summer, of flower-filled days and long, sunny evenings. But, like all wildlife, they need to survive the winter too.

  • All washed up

    All washed up

    ​As the winter weather arrives, we often get stormy and turbulent seas, resulting in all sorts of things washed up on our beaches.

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