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  • The 'British Bird of Paradise' - the Jay

    The 'British Bird of Paradise' - the Jay

    With extravagant pink plumage, a drooping black moustache and a snazzy electric blue flash through the wings it’s no surprise that eminent Sussex naturalist W.H. Hudson called it ‘the British Bird of Paradise’.

  • Burton Pond fencing

    Burton Pond fencing

    Work will be carried out from mid-November until late December. and will entail some tree and scrub clearance along the fence line.

  • Save our ancient woodlands

    Save our ancient woodlands

    ​We have an amazing opportunity to extend our Ebernoe Common, but we need to act now.

  • Nature and me

    Nature and me

    Mya Bambrick, Winner of the David Streeter Award 2020 tells us about her love of wildlife, the barriers faced by young people trying to access nature and the diverse causes she supports

  • Ancient Woodland

    Ancient Woodland

    Sussex has large areas of ancient woodland i.e. woodland that has existed since at least 1600 CE, with some pre-existing this arbitrary benchmark. Sussex Wildlife Trust is lucky enough to manage a small part of this

  • The ocean is good for mental health

    The ocean is good for mental health

    Ella Garrud has always known that the ocean is good for her mental health, simply because she always feel better when she’s there. But is there actual research that shows the ocean is beneficial for people’s mental health?

  • Trail Camera Secrets

    Trail Camera Secrets

    Trail cameras are small magical boxes that are self contained, weatherproof cameras that can see in the dark and are triggered by animal movement.

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