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  • The Oak

    The Oak

    The mighty oak is our most iconic tree, a symbol of strength and endurance with huge historical and cultural significance.

  • Oak trees and Knopper Galls

    Oak trees and Knopper Galls

    Next time you walk past an Oak tree, take a closer look and you might notice something a bit unusual. Perhaps some of the acorns are ripening nicely but others seem to have mutated into an abnormal, knobbly mess. What’s going on?

  • Ground breaking decision for British beavers

    Ground breaking decision for British beavers

    After years of uncertainty, the Government has announced their ground breaking decision to allow England’s first wild breeding population of beavers to stay in their Devon home.

  • The Wasp Spiders Return

    The Wasp Spiders Return

    It's the most wonderful time of the year! At the start of August you'll find me crawling around my front lawn - my wildflower meadow. I've been waiting all year for this day to arrive. The spring and summer days of flowers, butterflies and bees and thousand other insects have passed and the colours of the meadow have started to fade.
  • The amazingly oceanic Kittiwake

    The amazingly oceanic Kittiwake

    They may not look like hardy sea-farers but Kittiwakes spend half the year wandering the Atlantic, making them the most oceanic gull in the world.

  • The very essence of water

    The very essence of water

    Water. Where would we be without it? The truth is, we probably wouldn’t be at all. Water is the key to life on our blue planet but beyond our vast oceans, glaciers and underground aquifers only a tiny fraction of it (just 0.1%) is accessible on the surface in freshwater ponds, rivers, lakes and wetlands.

  • Rockpooling


    Charlotte Owen talks us through the joys of rockpooling

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