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  • Naming of moths

    Naming of moths

    For centuries, moths have cast a spell of fascination and intrigue so potent they have been bestowed with some of the most beautiful, fanciful and charming names in natural history.

  • How we name things

    How we name things

    Nomenclature is the science of naming, with rules and systems for organising species and giving each one an official two-part title. But there is also an art to the naming of things and often a sense of magic.

  • Britain's rarest reptile

    Britain's rarest reptile

    The Smooth Snake is only found at a single, precious location in West Sussex but this extra-special resident still takes some finding, even when you’re in the right place.

  • Here be dragons

    Here be dragons

    If you know where to look, there are still plenty of dragons to be found in Sussex today. Granted, they are miniature dragons at just 15 cm from nose to tail but the Common Lizard is no less fearsome to its insect prey.

  • Dancing Adders

    Dancing Adders

    Courting Adders move in a synchronised flowing behaviour, with much tongue-flicking and tail-lashing. After mating, the male stays to guard his female and will dance with intruding males, rearing up and entwining bodies to wrestle his rival to the ground.

  • The Great British Snake Off

    The Great British Snake Off

    Snakes are often thought of as exotic creatures to be admired (or avoided) on holidays in hotter countries, but Britain is home to three native species of snake.