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  • Species of the day: Alexanders

    Species of the day: Alexanders

    Alexanders is an umbellifer belonging to the enormously diverse and widespread carrot family. It’s well known for its use in medicine.

  • Wonderful Waders

    Wonderful Waders

    Wading birds come in all sorts of size and shape.

  • Species of the day: Starling

    Species of the day: Starling

    The Common Starling is undoubtedly one of the countries most familiar garden birds. So familiar in fact that they’re almost certainly underrated in both their beauty and abilities in song.

  • Rye Harbour Quilt 2020

    Rye Harbour Quilt 2020

    A huge thank-you to everyone that supported the Rye Harbour Quilt project. It has raised nearly £5,000 for the Discovery Centre.

  • Froggy Friday

    Froggy Friday

    It’s frogspawn season - one of the most exciting events in nature’s calendar. We look forward to it every year, eagerly awaiting the return of the frogs to water. Will they make it safely back to the garden pond after their winter sleep, and when will they arrive? Will they spawn this year? When will it appear, and how much will there be?

  • Corona Wildlife Diary: Day Eight

    Corona Wildlife Diary: Day Eight

    On sculpted, vibrant yellow wings my first Brimstone butterfly of the year makes his elegant entrance over the garden fence.

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