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  • Help Our Kelp - Byelaw Update

    Help Our Kelp - Byelaw Update

    The pioneering campaign to restore a vast underwater Kelp forest off the Sussex coast achieved its first major milestone, as the introduction of a critical new byelaw has been agreed.

  • New family beach cleans at Rye Harbour

    New family beach cleans at Rye Harbour

    It’s good to report some positive news about the environment. Barry Yates and team at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve report that they are finding less litter on the beach, because more visitors have been taking their rubbish home with them, and some are conducting their own ‘two minute beach cleans’.

  • Cormorant


    Cormorants are supremely skilled at catching fish and will dive to depths of six metres or more in pursuit of their prey, staying submerged for a good 30 seconds before coming up for air.

  • Public land for public benefit

    Public land for public benefit

    The expiry of the lease for Waterhall and Hollingbury Golf Courses​ provides a golden opportunity to begin to restore our Brighton Downs - but we want Brighton & Hove City Council to slow down and talk to residents and stakeholders to create a long-term, sustainable plan that truly delivers on the City’s environmental responsibilities.

  • Nature 2020

    Nature 2020

    Nature2020 events connecting people and nature will be springing up throughout the year and across The Living Coast, Brighton & Lewes Downs UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve.

  • Trees and the climate emergency

    Trees and the climate emergency

    Dr Tony Whitbread tackles the issue raised from his previous blog, as we are in a climate emergency, the priority must be to get the trees in the ground as an emergency action

  • Starlings


    Starlings spectacular star-studded winter plumage develops a glossy sheen of sumptuous purple and green iridescence for the breeding season, glistening with galactic colour.

  • Meet the Experts

    Meet the Experts

    On 23 January, Sussex Wildlife Trust and Sussex University will host our first Conference for Climate Action and Landscape Innovation where we come together to design future biodiversity and climate resilience for the County.

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