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  • Snow Bunting

    Snow Bunting

    The Snow Bunting, the planet’s toughest songbird, living in the Arctic Circle for much of the year. In the winter, you may be lucky enough to spot one of these plucky birds on a Sussex beach.

  • Tree Dressing Delight

    Tree Dressing Delight

    Families sang Christmas carols around the 300 year old oak tree at Woods Mill nature reserve last weekend

  • The naming of things

    The naming of things

    Nomenclature is the science of naming, with rules and systems for organising species and giving each one an official two-part title. But there is also an art to the naming of things and often a sense of magic, especially when it comes to common names. These are bestowed by everyday people with no rulebook in sight, and are often steeped in folklore.

  • Oil on Sussex beaches

    Oil on Sussex beaches

    One aspect of our seas has greatly improved in recent years - oil dumped by shipping…

  • Gnats All Folks!

    Gnats All Folks!

    This year I have been carrying out a survey of the invertebrates of the saline lagoons at Rye Harbour and am currently in the process of identifying the samples collected during the summer.

  • Regenerative agriculture and landscape innovation

    Regenerative agriculture and landscape innovation

    There is an urgent need to find high impact, landscape scale, community based solutions to the climate and biodiversity crises. With around 70% of UK land designated as farmland, many eyes have naturally focused on the farming world to come up with the solutions.

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