Archive of: November, 2019

  • Vote for Nature's Recovery

    Vote for Nature's Recovery

    This year, thousands of people have been calling on Government to stand up for nature and take decisive action to protect and restore our natural world. This General Election is a chance to turn up the volume.

  • A Remedy for the Winter Blues

    A Remedy for the Winter Blues

    I spent a very rewarding couple of hours with trust ecologist Graeme Lyons and visiting naturalist Ryan Clarke last weekend looking for invertebrates on the Beach Reserve.

  • Waxcaps


    The brightly-coloured waxcaps are often thought of as the orchids of the fungi kingdom because they are so vibrant and showy, and also quite particular.

  • Leatherback Turtle

    Leatherback Turtle

    Astonishingly, a Leatherback Turtle was spotted last month just off Brighton, it’s incredibly rare to spot one this far east in the Channel.

  • Rewilding Parliament

    Rewilding Parliament

    Thanks to the support of over 100,000 people who signed a petition, Rewilding Britain were able to secure a parliamentary debate, and a unanimous vote, that restoring nature on a massive scale to help stop climate breakdown is a priority.

  • Pipistrelle bat

    Pipistrelle bat

    Bats are brilliant. They are the only mammals on the planet capable of powered flight, and they can navigate through the darkest night by the power of echolocation.