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  • April is the cruellest month

    April is the cruellest month

    When T.S. Eliot wrote the first words of “The Waste Land” - April is the cruellest month, many people thought it was because the life and colour of spring ….

  • Bee-fly


    Is it a bee? Is it a fly? Well, it’s a bee-fly!

  • Doing the moth math

    Doing the moth math

    From 2004, when I began my employment at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, to late 2018 I ran a moth trap at Lime Kiln Cottage.

  • Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils

    Wild daffodils may be harder to find but they do still grow in a few remaining fragments of their former range

  • The last best hope

    The last best hope

    Friday 15 March was the day of the biggest climate strike by children and young people yet.

  • Interview with Friends' Chair Cliff Dean

    Interview with Friends' Chair Cliff Dean

    After Cliff Dean, Chair of the Friends of Rye Harbour Nature Reserve, has handed over the key to Lime Kiln Cottage to Baxall Construction for the start of works on the Discovery Centre, we speak to him about what the project means to him.