Archive of: February, 2019

  • High risk of wildfires

    High risk of wildfires

    ​Please be aware there is currently a heightened risk of fire, particularly on heathland sites due to the dry unseasonably warm weather.

  • Your frogspawn questions answered

    Your frogspawn questions answered

    Every year WildCall gets lots phone calls from people worried about the frog spawn and tadpoles in their ponds. Here are the answers to the most frequent asked frog spawn questions.

  • The kids are revolting

    The kids are revolting

    Guest blogger, Dr Tony Whitbread, blogs about protests by young people at political inaction over our climate crisis

  • That looks like fun!

    That looks like fun!

    Find out what it is like to be a volunteer with the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership

  • Puppy Love

    Puppy Love

    All about Patsy the sheepdog puppy, and why sheep are so important in maintaining precious chalk downland in which wildlife can thrive

  • Hazel catkins

    Hazel catkins

    Thousands of yellow hazel catkins are ripening in the winter sunshine is one of the signs that spring isn’t too far away