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  • Thistle-tweaker


    The goldfinch is a beautiful little bird, almost verging on the exotic with its scarlet facemask, vibrant yellow wing feathers and chunky, parrot-like beak.

  • Transatlantic mini-boat at Seaford Head

    Transatlantic mini-boat at Seaford Head

    Schoolchildren in Seaford were thrilled to hear Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Nikki Hills talk about the miniature boat that washed up at Seaford Head, having been launched 3,000 miles away in Maine, USA by schoolchildren, in order to track coastal currents and discover more about how communities evolve.

  • The Natural Capital of Floodplains

    The Natural Capital of Floodplains

    The Trust is working with partners to provide Natural Capital and multiple benefits to people and wildlife through Natural Flood Management in the Sussex Flow Initiative project.

  • Climate of change

    Climate of change

    Is it clear yet? Nature is not a ‘nice to have’.

  • Smarter transport solutions

    Smarter transport solutions

    In light of Monday’s IPCC publication​, clarifying the catastrophic risk of not making dramatic cuts to our carbon emissions, our calls for halting the Arundel bypass proposals and those for a new road running from Lewes to Polegate, seem extremely pertinent.

  • Bogey beetle

    Bogey beetle

    This nationally scarce apple-green coloured tortoise beetle has been discovered at Stedham Common for the first time.

  • Lost Words Update

    Lost Words Update

    The Lost Words appeal has really taken off and we are well on the way to reaching our initial target – to put a copy of the Lost Words in every state primary school across East & West Sussex, and Brighton & Hove.

  • A loveliness of ladybirds

    A loveliness of ladybirds

    Have you spotted lots of ladybirds recently? Ladybirds tend to gather together at this time of year, looking for cracks and crevices to hibernate.

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