Archive of: October, 2018

  • Sweet Chestnuts

    Sweet Chestnuts

    The sweet chestnut tree is a common sight in the Sussex landscape, it was originally introduced here by the Romans as a source of food

  • Remember, remember...

    Remember, remember...

    As bonfire season approaches, please remember to check for wildlife.

  • Migrant Magic

    Migrant Magic

    Autumn is a very exciting time for ‘twitchers’ when many birds are on the move with the changing season and there is an increased chance of something rare turning up on our shores. But it is not only birds that migrate: many insects do too!

  • Severing their own green finger

    Severing their own green finger

    Whitehawk Hill is one of Brighton & Hove’s most valuable wild spaces and a designated Local Nature Reserve - so why has it been earmarked for development?

  • No more plastic

    No more plastic

    Membership Development Manager Debbie is delighted that efforts to ditch plastic wrapping for membership packs and our bi-annual wildlife magazine mailings have been successful, and we have now ditched the plastic wrap