Archive of: August, 2018

  • Brown Hairstreak

    Brown Hairstreak

    The Brown Hairstreak is the largest of the UK’s five native Hairstreak species. Now is a great time to spot this most elusive of Butterflies at Woods Mill.

  • Emperor Dragonfly

    Emperor Dragonfly

    Emperor dragons are spectacular insects. It is easy to see how they earned their name.

  • Self-willed Wildlife

    Self-willed Wildlife

    The notion of self-willed wildlife is emerging at the moment. It is, in effect, a trusting that nature knows what is best for itself, and a handing back of the reigns to nature.

  • Old Photos

    Old Photos

    Old photographs of the Sussex countryside can sometimes tell a good story. This one from 1947…

  • Natural Velcro

    Natural Velcro

    Lesser Burdock is a tall plant of the daisy family that has flowers with hooks or burrs.

  • Wasp Spiders

    Wasp Spiders

    The world of invertebrates is a strange one indeed. Full of illusion and deception, things are often not as they seem and a prime example of this is mimicry.

  • Moles


    Sadly moles have been struggling in the recent hot weather