Archive of: 2018

  • A Cetacean Summer

    A Cetacean Summer

    It’s always exciting to see whales, dolphins and porpoises, and they are around year-round, but this summer seems to have been a bit of a ‘bumper’ year for sightings!

  • Seven swans a-swimming

    Seven swans a-swimming

    The final birds of The Twelve Days of Christmas are seven swans a-swimming, and the mute swan can be seen swimming on almost every pond, lake and river in Sussex.

  • Behind the Lens with James Duncan

    Behind the Lens with James Duncan

    James Duncan talks to us about his love of wildlife and photography and his work with the Trust as part of the ScottishPower Foundation funded Woods Mill at 50 programme

  • Six geese a-laying

    Six geese a-laying

    The sixth day of Christmas sees the arrival of six geese a-laying, which is a good excuse to talk about one of our most abundant winter visitors.

  • Christmas and New Year

    Christmas and New Year

    Season’s greetings to all of Sussex Wildlife Trust’s members and supporters.

  • Behaving like beavers

    Behaving like beavers

    Our Sussex Flow Initiative Project Officers are mimicking what our ancient natural ecosystem engineers, the beaver, would have done naturally.