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  • On the up!

    On the up!

    … some species are doing well at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • A Plastic Legacy

    A Plastic Legacy

    Plastic is hugely versatile and durable, which makes it great for all manner of applications. These qualities of plastic however, make it a huge problem for the environment.

  • Hordes of Hawfinch

    Hordes of Hawfinch

    As winter arrives, a special visitor has been spotted in Sussex - the elusive hawfinch

  • Goals and Gulls

    Goals and Gulls

    ‘SEAGULLS, SEAGULLS’ is chanted in the stands but how much do you know about the gulls of Sussex?

  • Hermit Crabs

    Hermit Crabs

    Hermit crabs are known to be ‘choosy’ about their shelter, carefully inspecting a potential home to ensure it’s just right before they move in.

  • Filsham Reedbed benefits from Biffa Award

    Filsham Reedbed benefits from Biffa Award

    Thanks to a grant of just over £27,000 from Biffa Award, essential management work has been taking place at Filsham Reedbed, on the edge of Hastings, over the last eighteen months.

  • Positive Signs for Environmental Protection

    Positive Signs for Environmental Protection

    Sussex Wildlife Trust have been anxious about the implications of the Withdrawal Bill on our UK Environmental Policy, after debate in Parliament, the Minister is taking positive steps towards guaranteeing the environmental protection.

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