Archive of: September, 2017

  • Blackberry season

    Blackberry season

    It’s blackberry season. Perfect for making jams and crumbles - and a feast for wildlife

  • Saltmarsh Colours

    Saltmarsh Colours

    ​Just as the trees change colour in the autumn, so do the plants of the saltmarsh

  • More roads means more congestion

    More roads means more congestion

    We are in a phase of “consultation” for road building along the A27. Proposals at Worthing and at Arundel are in the fray at the moment, but I’m sure more will follow. We appear to be entering another road-building bonanza where, ignoring the evidence of the past, the dewy-eyed romantics of the Highways Agency believe that road building will solve all our congestion ills.

  • The Buzz Club

    The Buzz Club

    ​Charlie Dance from the University of Sussex’s Buzz Club has written a guest blog about how citizen science can help pollinators