Archive of: September, 2017

  • Seaford Head sightings

    Seaford Head sightings

    Parasol mushrooms and clustered bellflower seen at Seaford Head nature reserve today as well as several clouded yellow and small copper butterflies.clustered bellflower
  • Buzzard bounce-back

    Buzzard bounce-back

    The beautiful buzzard is a common sight across Sussex, but that wasn’t always the case.

  • Perpetuating myths - a call to action

    Perpetuating myths - a call to action

    Proposers of big new roads need to prove that the environmental damage done by roads is outweighed by the benefit they provide.As we have seen, the benefits are illusory, congestion gets worse, not better. So, not much benefit then!

  • Oak Galls

    Oak Galls

    Next time you walk past an oak tree, take a closer look and you might notice something a bit unusual. Perhaps some of the acorns are ripening nicely but others seem to have mutated into an abnormal, knobbly mess. What’s going on?

  • Arundel Bypass Walk

    Arundel Bypass Walk

    Walk the proposed route of the Arundel bypass on Sunday 17 September.

  • Maurizio d'Arienzo

    Maurizio d'Arienzo

    Maurizio d’Arienzo, one of our long-standing volunteers, passed away suddenly at the beginning of March 2017 and will be greatly missed by everyone who knew him

  • Never volunteer? Think again

    Never volunteer? Think again

    Woods Mill and Hit Squad regular Peter Burton explains why he finds volunteering with the Trust such a rewarding experience.