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  • Avocets take off...

    Avocets take off...

    One of the highlights on the reserve in recent years has been the increase in Avocets…

  • Dragonfly Week

    Dragonfly Week

    Dragonflies: as they dart and glide across the summer skies with a bright flash of iridescent colour and a whirr of wings, it’s easy to see how these voracious aerial predators earned their name.

  • 6666 the number of beasts

    6666 the number of beasts

    Sussex Wildlife Trust’s ecologist makes more exciting finds at Graffham Common nature reserve

  • An Odd Food Chain

    An Odd Food Chain

    Here are some photos to illustrate an odd food chain that we observed at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve this week.

  • Bee Course it's fun!

    Bee Course it's fun!

    Twenty people came from far and wide over the weekend to attend a Bee Identification course at Rye Harbour run by well-known naturalist and entomologist Steven Falk.

  • Ground-nesting birds

    Ground-nesting birds

    Think of a bird’s nest and your mind will probably wander high up into the branches of a tree or hedgerow – but not all birds have such lofty ambitions

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