Archive of: May, 2017

  • Battling beetles

    Battling beetles

    The clashing of antlers as powerful stags wrestle for the right to mate would normally be associated with the autumn deer rut - but it’s just as magnificent in miniature.

  • New Information Centre

    New Information Centre

    We have opened a new information centre in temporary cabins at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • Patchwork Challenge

    Patchwork Challenge

    ​PWC is a friendly competition between patch birders which has been running since 2013. Late Spring Update

  • Fox cubs

    Fox cubs

    This year’s fox cubs are now starting to emerge from their dens to explore the world above ground.

  • Natural cleaning tips

    Natural cleaning tips

    Stephanie from Expert Home Tips is a big fan of natural cleaning. She’s sharing 5 of her favourite natural cleaning solutions so you can start being more environmentally friendly in your home today.

  • Wildlife Walk at Seaford Head

    As I drove across to Seaford Head for last week's wildlife walk the heaven's opened and the windscreen-wipers were on double-speed. When I arrived at Sefaord I stayed in the car and watched a linnet taking a bath in a puddle and, like him, prepared myself for a proper soaking.