Archive of: March, 2017

  • Spring bumblebees

    Spring bumblebees

    You might have heard a buzz in the air and caught a glimpse of insect royalty as queen bumblebees are starting to emerge from hibernation.

  • Drowning in a sea of plastic

    Drowning in a sea of plastic

    Find out how we can all make small, realistic changes to help to reduce waste and consequently the amount of plastic which ends up in our oceans…

  • Eastbourne downland - saved!

    Eastbourne downland - saved!

    ​A heart-warming end to a sad saga – Eastbourne Borough Council has responded to the wishes of the people and decided not to sell the Eastbourne downland.

  • Orange-tip butterfly

    Orange-tip butterfly

    Have you ever wondered where butterflies go to during the winter? The orange-tip is among the butterflies that survive as a chrysalis.

  • Badger baby boom

    Badger baby boom

    Badgers are busily spring cleaning their setts as they prepare for new arrivals.