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  • Charity Ball

    Charity Ball

    Sussex Wildlife Trust is delighted to be holding their first ever Charity Ball next month (17 September) to help raise funds that will protect the beautiful landscapes and wild places of Sussex.

  • Last dormouse in Sussex?

    Last dormouse in Sussex?

    Don Filliston from Storrington was so inspired by our recent Dormouse Appeal that he penned a poem about the threats faced by this adorable creature.

  • Stop, Look and Listen for Wildlife

    Stop, Look and Listen for Wildlife

    The summer holidays are in full swing and August is a wonderful time to get outside to see what you can spot in your local patch of Sussex nature.

  • Lord of the skies

    Lord of the skies

    Most of you have seen a swift even if you are not aware that you have. Their screeching calls as they scythe through the towns and villages of Sussex are one of the sounds of summer.

  • July 2016: Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Sightings

    July 2016: Rye Harbour Nature Reserve Sightings

    One of the characteristic plants of Rye Harbour at this time of the year is red hemp-nettle. This inconspicuous little relative of the mints and dead-nettles, with its red flowers and nettle-like leaves, grows on sparsely vegetated habitats on the Beach Reserve and Harbour Farm, often where the ground has been disturbed.