Archive of: May, 2016

  • The EU and the marine environment

    The EU and the marine environment

    The fifth of our blog series about the EU Referendum and Sussex Wildlife, looks at how the EU policy has impacted on the marine environment

  • Biology Road

    Biology Road

    Sussex Wildlife Trust’s ecologist, Graeme Lyons, returns to Sussex University to teach students from all over the UK about entomology.

  • Waders R Us

    Waders R Us

    May is a great month for watching waders at Rye Harbour Nature Reserve and so far this month we have seen 25 species!

  • Step away from the desk

    Step away from the desk

    Sometimes it is hard to get away from the desk during the busy working day, but even a short stroll outside can reveal some amazing wildlife

  • Take two onions

    Take two onions

    Wild garlic is a relative of the bluebell and is flowering in woodlands across Sussex

  • Any Other Business

    Any Other Business

    It’s hard to have a meeting at Woods Mill when there’s so many unscheduled items on the agenda.

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