Archive of: March, 2016

  • WeBS @ Rye Harbour

    WeBS @ Rye Harbour

    ​Today I have just completed the annual chore of inputting hundreds of numbers onto the WeBS website!

  • Saturday Hit Squad at Filsham Reedbed

    Saturday Hit Squad at Filsham Reedbed

    The Saturday Hit Squad enjoying a muddy day at Filsham Reedbed where they were clearing willow to prevent it from taking over the reed bed. It was also a 'bonanza biscuit day' with orange Club, Penguins and home made flapjack and brownies. It was such a great day the
  • Syrphin' S.W.T.

    Syrphin' S.W.T.

    Hoverfly experts visit Sussex and train a new team of hover lovers

  • Rye Harbour Saltmarsh v.2

    Rye Harbour Saltmarsh v.2

    A visit to Rye Harbour Nature Reserve is now a spectacular wetland wildlife experience, with thousands of waders and ducks in winter and thousands of nesting gulls, terns, waders and ducks in the summer. Last year 41 pairs of avocet nested!