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  • A year in numbers

    A year in numbers

    See some of the Sussex Wildlife Trust’s highlights in 2015

  • Nature Tots bounce back for spring

    Nature Tots bounce back for spring

    Bring your little ones on an outdoor adventure with Sussex Wildlife Trust’s fun weekly woodland activity sessions starting in March. Nature Tots is suitable for accompanied children aged 3-5.

  • Flooding - the inconvenient truth

    Flooding - the inconvenient truth

    “Flooding equals lack of river dredging” is the simplistic message often promoted by the media, sometimes with bizarre claims that rivers were left un-dredged just to protect wildlife. Some pundits even go so far as blaming “eco-zealots” for the floods, with accusations that environmentalists are more concerned about bugs and beetles than they are about people! It’s all so simple in some minds.

  • Racing into 2016

    Racing into 2016

    Find out how many birds Mike Russell’s Team spotted on this year’s New Year Bird Race

  • 2015 weather was sunny, warm and wet

    2015 weather was sunny, warm and wet

    Whole year Sunshine 1948.1 hours (1761.0) Mean maximum temp. 14.7 C (13.4) Mean minimum temp. 8.8 C (7.5) Rainfall 879.8 mm. (740.2) Gale or stronger 21 days (10.7)