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  • Late summer visitor sets pulses racing

    Late summer visitor sets pulses racing

    Woods Mill is always a great place to look for wildlife, but every now and again something special turns up that sets the heart of any naturalist racing, which is what has happened this week.

  • Plastic Bags

    Plastic Bags

    On Monday 5th October 2015 the UK government introduces a long awaited plastic bag charge. To curb the use of plastic bags, shops will charge at least five pence for each bag you use, with any profits going to charity.

  • Eclipse and The Pips

    Eclipse and The Pips

    Bat experts survey our Rye Harbour reserve for one of the UK’s rarest species.

  • Photo Competition - My Wild Sussex

    Photo Competition - My Wild Sussex

    Sussex Wildlife Trust is looking for beautiful and awe-inspiring wildlife and landscape photographs to grace the pages of their 2016 online calendar. The subject matter is ‘My Wild Sussex’.

  • Wildlife Hit Squad needs you

    Wildlife Hit Squad needs you

    Sussex Wildlife Trust’s Saturday Conservation Hit Squad needs volunteers (aged 16+) to help keep their nature reserves in tip top shape. It’s good fun, good exercise and good for the wildlife of Sussex.

  • The Sound Of Silence

    The Sound Of Silence

    Michael Blencowe listens out for the great green bush cricket.

  • September


    Autumn is nudging its way into our lives. It is September and already there is a chill in the air