Archive of: July, 2015

  • Young Wildlife Scientists Project

    Young Wildlife Scientists Project

    A successful bid to the Gatwick Airport Community Trust for some essential kit we are kicking off a Young Wildlife Citizen Scientists project in the Gatwick Greenspace area to help children & young people learn about, identify & record wildlife.

  • Chalkhills Emerge

    Chalkhills Emerge

    The first chalkhill blue butterflies of the year start to appear.

  • Invasive Species Week 2015

    Invasive Species Week 2015

    Invasive species out-compete, predate on and displace native plants and animals, can cause damage to infrastructure and buildings and can increase the risk of flooding, costing millions of pounds worth of damage each year.

  • Stunning Stanmer

    Stunning Stanmer

    Stanmer Park is alive with marbled white and painted lady at the moment enjoying the thistles and knapweed.

  • New Leaflet

    New Leaflet

    We have produced a new leaflet about Rye Harbour Nature Reserve.

  • A white-letter day

    A white-letter day

    The white-letter hairstreak is a rare butterfly in Sussex but if you find some elms you may be in luck and see one flying around the canopy or a pair of territorial males fighting high above the tree. The caterpillars of this hairstreak feed on elms and as our elms

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