Archive of: October, 2014

  • 15.10.14 Seeing red

    Jack reports that a red kite was gliding over Plumpton College on 14th October and on the 15th the first redwings of the winter were seen flying over winter - a sign that cold weather is on the way? The recent rain has started to encourage some waxcaps out of
  • Konik ponies arrive at Friston Forest

    Konik ponyAuthor Steve TillmanReserves OfficerThe rare breed of pony known as Koniks are joining our long horn cattle within the grazing area of Friston Forest. Up to 11 ponies have been permanently loaned to the Sussex
  • Sussex Wildlife Discs

    Are you wondering what to do with your car's tax disc holder, now tax discs are no more? Well, we have a use for them, you could download and display one of our Sussex Wildlife Discs!Simply right-click on this link, save link, then print and place in your former-tax
  • Nigel HolmesAuthor Fran SouthgateLiving Wetlands OfficerI heard the very sad news this week that a wonderful chap called Nigel Holmes passed away. Nigel was a larger than life character with a mischievous sense of humour, who
  • 30.09.14 Surrounded...

    From Neil Merchant:"I've just experienced one of those amazing mixed flocks of birds that you tend to encounter in the autumn, in my garden. Long-tailed tits, willow warblers, chiffchaffs, goldcrests and a few blue and great tits, all flitting from cherry to birch to yew to climbing rose to a