Archive of: September, 2014

  • 05.09.14 Sea of Troubles

    A few days ago we saw that one unlucky eel heading out of Lewes on its epic 3500 mile migration to the Sargasso Sea was intercepted by a cormorant. It seems that this first stage of the journey has become even more hazardous. Simon Wilson reports that the common seal
  • 05.09.14 Another monster

    Penny emailed to report:"Last week I found an enormous diagonally marked green caterpillar feeding on our lilac tree. I identified it as a Privet Hawk Moth, apparently our largest resident UK moth. Amazing size and exquisite markings with a thorn like 'tail'. New to me but I was wondering how
  • 05.09.14 Look what the cat dragged in

    Robert Hill sent in this trio of monsters which he (and his cat) has found in his garden. At this time of year our hawk-moth caterpillars have finished feeding and they drop from their chosen foodplants and look for a place to pupate deep in the soil. It's now that
  • 04.09.14 Got any snout?

    This rare Bloxworth snout moth turned up in a Lewes garden on Wednesday night. Paul Harmes runs small moth trap in his garden near the castle and found the moth when he checked the trap in the morning.
  • 03.09.14 Back in the churchyard

    St Michael's Church in South Malling looked great in the summer but now it is time to get it ready for next year. Today we grabbed our scythes and got to work clearing away this years growth to make way for the flowers of 2015.
  • Thorney Island Bird Bonanza

    Author Mike RussellSenior Wildlife Advisor osprey / Darin SmithThorney Island, right in the far south-west corner of Sussex where you can actually look into Hampshire! A great place for birds and our Sussex Safari there,
  • Wildlife Guardians go to the Seaside

    Author Melanie EdgeWildlife Guardian rock pools at Seven Sisters Country ParkSounds a bit like Enid Blyton? Read on!Recently, the Wildlife Guardians got their boots off for a change and spent a glorious