Archive of: June, 2014

  • 30 June 2014

    Trainee Ecologist finds first for Sussex

    Author Graeme LyonsSenior Ecologist alder leaf beetle / Graeme LyonsWhich actually means a first for TWO counties, even more significant than a county first really. This rather stunning creature is the alder leaf

  • 29 June 2014

    27.06.14 A White-letter Day

    Today we headed out into Lewes to search for the town's rarest resident butterfly - the white-letter hairstreak.This butterfly spends most of it's time in the tree-tops so binoculars and telescopes are needed if you want to see it. The caterpillar feeds on elm and as these trees have slowly

  • 29 June 2014

    26.06.14 Pipistrelles at The Pells

    Our final bat evening started at St John's Sub Castro churchyard where bat expert Tony Hutson gave us an introduction to British bats and showed us how to use the bat detectors.Straight away we were joined by a pair of common pipistrelles hunting over our heads. We walked down to

  • 26 June 2014

    24.06.14 Searching for Serotines at Southover

    Tonight's DownTown Lewes event was a bat evening at Southover led by bat expert Tony Hutson.The group gathered around a chest tomb in the churchyard while we learnt all about our resident Lewes bats. After listening to the calls of local bats we gave out bat detectors and took a

  • 26 June 2014


    Author Ronnie ReedSchools Officer grass snake in pond / Alan GreyI hate to admit it but I have a strong aversion to things that slither and slide. Ever since I was child

  • 24 June 2014

    22.06.14 Marbled Whites emerge

    From Stephen"We have seen our first Marbled Whites of the year at Landport Bottom - one yesterday, another today."

  • 24 June 2014

    22.06.15 Blooming lovely

    From Alan:"Yesterday I went for a walk through the trust's Southerham Reserve, which was, as usual full of wild flowers and skylarks singing. I passed a few pyramidal orchids on the way. At the end of the reserve, there is an information board and behind it a gate with a

  • 24 June 2014

    20.06.14 Brasses, laces, flames and lutestrings

    Our final DownTown Lewes event at South Malling was a moth trap held on a warm, clear evening.The night started with a talk about moths inside the church before we headed out to watch some aerial acrobatics from a pair of noctule bats. As the light faded we powered up

  • 24 June 2014

    15/16/17.06.14 A hundred kites over Southerham

    As part of our DownTown Lewes project we have been working with Southover school. This week we took over 100 pupils to our Southerham reserve over three days. The hike to the reserve gave the children a chance to experience the amazing countryside that is available to them around Lewes.

  • 24 June 2014

    Your chance to influence what happens in Sussex

    Make your voice heardAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerThe planning system in England exists to ensure that development is in the public interest with positive outcomes for people, the environment and the economy. It follows a plan-led system which

  • 23 June 2014

    Lies, damn lies and (housing) statistics

  • 20 June 2014

    18.06.14 Large Skipper

    From Chris BurtSaw a beautiful Large Skipper in the churchyard at South Malling (part of the DownTown Lewes Project). Really vivid markings. I don't see many of these here, but with the new management of the site, more and more butterflies are appearing!