Archive of: May, 2014

  • The Essence of May

    Author Ronnie ReedSchools Officer May has been an amazing month. For the last few weeks, wind and rain and sunshine have worked their wizardry and transformed the countryside into a flowing cloak of green and white. Driving down the Cuckmere Valley to
  • Burnt Orchids

    Author Graeme LyonsSenior Ecologist burnt orchid / Graeme LyonsFor the last five years I have looked for the mythical burnt orchids that Reserve Officer Steve Tillman found around ten years ago at Southerham
  • Swift by nature

    Author Ian HepburnHead of Conservation swift / Stefan Johansson Swifts are amazing. I feel my heart and soul lift when the first of these masters of the skies appear in late spring. The sight
  • 15.05.14 Wall to Wall

    A photo of two mating wall butterflies taken at Landport Bottom by Zoe Lowe Watson. Walls / Zoe Lowe Watson
  • Vote for Nature

    Author Tony WhitbreadChief ExecutiveWildlife and natural processes do not recognise administrative boundaries and today European environmental legislation has become the core framework in most areas of environmental policy in the UK.The 73 Members of the European Parliament that we elect tomorrow will
  • Be Nice to Nettles

    peacock butterfly caterpillar / Filma DyerAuthor Sue CurnockNature Tots OfficerNational Be Nice to Nettles Weekis here and the Sussex Wildlife Trust is celebrating the butterflies of the nettle patch.