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  • 11 March 2014

    09.03.14 Just add sunshine

    Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far. It's been a bleak winter but it's amazing how quickly the rain, winds and the associated misery they have caused is soon forgotten when the sun shines and our local wildlife springs into life. We had reports of plenty of

  • 11 March 2014

    08.03.12 Skylarks and Sun at Landport Bottom

    It was great weather for the first in a series of walks at Landport Bottom looking at the wildlife and benefits of this great local nature reserve. The work focused on the history of the site and how the rare, species-rich chalk grassland habitat has developed here. Dr Colin Tingle

  • 11 March 2014

    Tales from a Rowhook Countryman

  • 09 March 2014

    Signs of Spring

  • 06 March 2014

    Wild Watch: great crested grebe

    Author Vicky Whitaker great crested grebes / Steve WaterhouseNamed for their elaborate head feathers, look out for these elegant aquatic birds performing their spectacular courtship dance on lakes, ponds and reservoirs. Great crested grebes

  • 05 March 2014

    Reds and tails

  • 05 March 2014

    05.03.14 Butcher's Broom in Bloom

    Butcher's BroomThis butcher's broom has burst into flower on the Railway Land. It's an unusual plant. At first it may seem odd that a flower is growing out of the middle of a leaf but

  • 04 March 2014

    04.03.14 Adder up and at 'em

    This adder was seen enjoying the sunshine this morning on the edge of woodland to the north of Lewes. AdderThrough the winter adders hibernate underground. As we head into spring they emerge from hibernation but spend most

  • 04 March 2014

    04.03.14 All in a day's work for the Lewes seal

    The Lewes common seal is still loafing about on the pontoons just to the south of the town under the Cuilfail Cliff. Barry Haffenden sent in these pictures via Twitter. Barry said;"Look who I've spotted on the way to work!!!"

  • 04 March 2014

    01.03.14 Rose Chafer Rises Early

    From Candy Morgan:"My dog found a rose chafer on a shell in my plant pot today. Is it normal to find them now?" Rose Chafer / Candy MorganThis is certainly a very early

  • 04 March 2014

    Nettle Pancake Day

  • 03 March 2014

    Bad Rabbit, Good Rabbit

    rabbit in sea kale / Barry YatesAuthor Barry YatesRye Harbour Nature Reserve ManagerManaging a Nature Reserve requires some clear thinking and difficult decisions on a range of tricky subjects. Here is