Archive of: March, 2014

  • Questionable claims around fracking

    By Battenbrook [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia CommonsAuthor Tony WhitbreadChief ExecutiveSussex is in the front-line in the exploitation of unconventional gas supplies, such as 'fracking'. We have therefore had to
  • Bird Song: Dunnock

    Author Neil FletcherInterpretation Officer dunnock / Neil FletcherDunnocks are charming little birds, skulking about in the dark places beneath bushes, rarely more than two metres above the ground. But in the spring they're a bit
  • Bird Song: Wren

    Author Neil FletcherInterpretation Officer wren / Neil FletcherFor their diminutive size, wrens are incredibly loud. Even if you don't take their size into account, they are incredibly loud. It's a bit of a challenge to
  • Bird Song: Robin

    Author Neil FletcherInterpretation Officer robin / Neil FletcherRobins start singing as early as November, the males setting up territories and defending them vigorously. They get themselves really fired up over the colour of their opponents
  • Dabchick magnet

    little grebe / Steve LillywhiteAuthor Graeme LyonsEcologistA couple of days ago at work, Bryan rushed into the office and said he had seen a pair of little grebes on
  • Take the Sussex Downs Wildlife Challenge

    Thank you for helping us raise 50% of our Sussex Downs Appeal targetAuthor Richard CobdenDigital Media OfficerTo celebrate reaching the half-way point in our
  • Walk like an Egyptian

    Author Sue CurnockNature Tots Officer Egyptian Goose / Andreas Trepte, must be one of the luckiest bird watching groups to venture out into the countryside around Woods Mill