Archive of: January, 2014

  • Handed to us on a root plate

    Author Graeme LyonsEcologistGraffham Common is not just your typical 'trees off heaths' project. We were not starting with a featureless conifer plantation, there were already some nice sunny glades, areas of wet heath and big old granny pines
  • Building more 'homes' for Crawley

    build a birdboxAuthor Kevin LerwillGatwick Greenspace Community Wildlife OfficerPeople have been influenced by, inspired by and affected by the changing seasons for thousands of years. They dictate our lives and the life
  • What does the fox say?

    Pete CrawfordHead of People and Wildlife fox / Oliver WilksA couple of nights ago, I was woken by a screeching yelp.Often heard on the soundtrack to horror and thriller movies, usually whilst someone is inadvisably
  • Weathering the Storm

    coastguard cottages / Ronnie ReedAuthor Ronnie ReedEducation OfficerReturning to work after the Christmas break I wondered what I would find down here at the Seven Sisters after the battering the coastline has taken