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  • New Sussex Geodiversity website

    Sussex Geological SitesAuthor Henri BrocklebankHead of Biodiversity Record Centre and Living Landscapes The Sussex Geodiversity Partnership launched their new website today, The Partnership comprises a small group of geologists and geomorphologists
  • 09.10.13 Nick's report from Knowlands

    Nick Lear emailed in - with some end-of-summer sightingsYesterday a couple of Small Whites, a Speckled Wood and two Small Coppers at Knowlands Farm. Common Darters also at the Secret Campsite. Today again two Small Whites and a Small Copper. I fear today may be the last of the late
  • 02.10.13 Speckled seal spotted

    From Chris Burt: Whilst walking home from Town around 1.20 p.m. today, I paused on Willeys Bridge (as I often do) and, much to my surprise, when looking down into the water, I saw a Common Seal swimming downstream - right under the bridge. It was about the size of
  • 28.09.13 Is this a dagger which I see before me?

    From Sue Gilmore: You very kindly identified a caterpillar for me back in January. I have now found another little creature on my roses in the garden. Something has munched the best part of half of the adjacent leaf and I couldn't find any other creatures nearby so I suspect
  • 26.09.13 Pretty in Pink

    From Jan Knowlson:Met this little guy on Well Bottom today, Pale Tussock Moth Caterpillar, but sporting this years "must have" pink? Pale tussock caterpillar / Jan Knowlson

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