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  • 28 August 2013

    27.08.13 Blues explosion

    The sunshine keeps coming and so do the butterflies. Crispin Holloway walked his weekly butterfly survey at Malling Down on Tuesday and counted 300 Adonis blue butterflies along the route - over 3 times more than there were last week. Now really is the time to get up there and

  • 26 August 2013

    26.08.13 The hills have flies

    There are plenty of butterfly beauties on the Downs at the moment - but here's a real beast; the hornet robberfly. This magnificent monster is Britain's biggest fly. Hornet robberfly / Mike MullisIt

  • 23 August 2013

    23.08.13 One swallowtail makes a summer

    How do you end a fantastic butterfly week in Lewes? Here's how...Lewes wildlife photographer David Bradford made an incredible discovery late this afternoon just off the South Downs Way east of Lewes. Swallowtail

  • 23 August 2013

    23.08.13 Summertime Blues

  • 22 August 2013

    Drop into Summer

    Author Ronnie

  • 21 August 2013

    20.08.13 "The best butterfly year this century on Malling Down"

    Since 1984 Crispin Holloway and his father John have been walking a weekly butterfly transect; counting butterflies on a

  • 21 August 2013

    20.08.13 2-4-6-8 Dual Carriageway

    University student Francesca Petts has been surveying the banks of the A27 between Falmer and Lewes as part of her dissertation. The chalk banks here are similar to the low nutrient chalk soils on the downs and are home to a variety of chalk downland plants - and the butterflies

  • 21 August 2013

    19.08.13 Well Bottom

    Today's walk was slightly off our usual route to a 'hidden' area of the South Downs above Southease - Well Bottom (which, as someone pointed out sounds like a medical aspiration).After catching the train to Southease we met with Jan Knowlson of the South Downs National Park who took us

  • 20 August 2013

    Fracking - is there a good side to it?

  • 19 August 2013

    Megaselia yatesiAuthor Barry YatesNature Reserves Officer - Rye HarbourThere are several thousand species in Sussex and nobody is going to know all their names. Putting

  • 13 August 2013

    10.08.13 The Wildlife Of Lewes Churchyards

  • 13 August 2013

    09.08.13 The richest place in Sussex for butterfly species?

    From Crispin Holloway:Last week I lead a walk up to Blackcap and down to Ashcombe Bottom and we recorded a phenomenal 28 species of butterfly!I don't think there have been many occasions when I have seen so many species in one day.Unfortunately we didn't see Small Tortoiseshell or a Wall