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  • A breath of fresh air

    slow worm / Bea and Ivor MayhewAmanda SolomonIn the hustle and bustle of office life, telephones ringing, emails arriving at a rate of knots, meetings to attend and not forgetting work
  • 17.07.13 Rare bird seen in Lewes garden

    Report from Neil Merchant: After six and a half years, I have a new tick on my garden list: Passer domesticus, the humble house sparrow. This chap turned up this morning, and a couple of youngsters came along later on. The nearest colony is about 200m away, but these are
  • 12.07.13 DownTown Lewes: St Michael's Moth & Bat night

    As part of the DownTown Lewes project we arranged an evening at St Michael's churchyard in South Malling. The churchyard is being managed for wildlife and we are working with hard-working volunteer Chris Burt to help create the best habitats in the churchyard for a variety of species. To start
  • Wild Summer

    In an effort to help keep the children of Sussex as free-range as possible during the school holidays, the Sussex Wildlife Trust has come up with 30 free, wildlife-based activities to keep your family engaged all summer long. Called
  • How can I save water in my garden?

    watering can / Friedemann-Wulff-WoestenAuthor Jess PriceConservation OfficerWith temperatures pushing 30 degrees and no end in sight to the current heatwave, gardeners are concerned about keeping their plants watered. Here is some advice to help
  • Helping thirsty wildlife

    thirsty hedgehogs / Mark DavisAuthor Jess PriceWith scorching temperatures finally heralding the arrival of summer, Sussex Wildlife Trust is asking people to please spare a thought for thirsty wildlife by putting out

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