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  • 27.07.13 Nettle-leaved Bellflower

    While we were surveying the Down-town Lewes sites we were invited into the garden of a neighbour who was curious about a plant growing on the side the woodland adjacent to The Pells.We could confirm her suspicions that it was indeed the beautiful nettle-leaved bellflower.
  • 27.07.13 DownTown Lewes: Bat & Moth night at Southover School

    As part of our DownTown Lewes project I organised an urban moth trapping session on the school field at Southover School. A team of 50 keen naturalists - most of whom were up waaaaaay past their bedtime joined me. I started the evening with an illustrated talk about moths and
  • 27.07.13 DownTown Lewes Surveys (Part 2)

    Today was the second part of our survey work for the DownTown Lewes project. Ecologist Ralph Hobbs is surveying the flora and fauna of a number sites around Lewes which are part of the project. These surveys will help inform the management suggestions for each site. We visited Southover School,
  • 25.07.13 St Anne's Butterfly Bank

    I made a brief visit to the chalk grassland bank we created over the winter at St Anne's - and it's certainly working. The bank was alive with butterflies; meadow brown, gatekeeper, common blue, small copper. I was impressed with the number of brown argus butterflies that could be found
  • Nature's child

    Nature tot / Fran SouthgateAuthor Anna-Marie OgilvyNature Tots OfficerChildren learn through experience. They engage with the things they can hold, they can see, they can smell, they can
  • What am I going to do this summer?

    Eloise Marner has been volunteering with the Gatwick Greenspace Partnership. She has written this blog about her experience. Eloise MarnerAuthor Eloise MarnerComing up to the end of my first year at university I had the
  • Marine Week 2013

    Exploring the beachAuthor Nikki HillsMaking Waves Project OfficerThe Sussex Wildlife Trust will be celebrating our amazing sea animals and plants during National Marine Week from Saturday 27 July to