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  • 14.06.13 DownTown Lewes: Moth Night at St John's

    Tonight's event started with a quick illustrated introduction to moths and bats inside the beautiful St John's sub Castro church. We ventured out into the night armed with bat detectors and fired up the mercury vapour moth trap.It was a perfect night - mild, calm with low cloud so hopes
  • Decisions, decisions

    cuckoo chick / Sam SmithAuthor Barry YatesAs manager of Rye Harbour Nature ReserveI spend quite a lot of time talking to people. We get lots of compliments and some criticism
  • Nestbox video diary

    Neil Fletcher has been recording the lives of a family of blue tits in a garden nest box. The birds are nesting nearly three weeks later than last year. We will be posting regular video updates so you can follow the fortunes of our blue tits and their offspring.Will our
  • 06.06.13 Butterflies on the St Anne's Butterfly Bank

    Earlier in the year Sussex Wildlife Trust volunteers stripped parts of a bank at the St Anne's school site to reveal the chalk. Chalk downland plants were added and, now the sun has decided to shine, we're starting to see butterflies using the site.Yesterday I popped in and saw my
  • 06.06.13 DownTown Lewes Surveys

    The beginning of June is the launch of our new project DownTown Lewes. We'll be focusing on the wildlife that can found in and around the town. We're working with some local Lewes groups, schools and churches to improve the habitat at some key sites in the town.Today ecologist Ralph
  • 05.06.13 Return of the Goth Moths

    Two years ago some of the spindle bushes along the Phoenix Causeway were defoliated by the caterpillars of spindle ermine moths (Yponomeuta cagnagella). The caterpillars eat every leaf on the tree and create these webs making the tree look like a goth's Christmas.
  • World Oceans Day

    long snouted seahorse / The Seahorse TrustAuthor Nikki HillsWorld Oceans Day is coming up . . . what will you do to celebrate?World Oceans Day is on the 8th June.
  • Twilight

    bat detecting / Emma BradshawAuthor Ronnie ReedDarkness fell softly amongst the trees. The wind had stilled and the rain which had threatened the evening had stopped leaving a clear smudge of

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