Archive of: June, 2013

  • Oil-drilling in the West Weald

    Northup Copse - click to view largerAuthor Petra BillingsTwo years ago, the Sussex Wildlife Trust was bequeathed Northup Copse, a lovely woodland in the heart of the West
  • 25.06.13 Clouded Yellow at Malling Down

    There has been a recent influx of migrant clouded yellow butterflies into England. This individual was photographed on our Malling Down reserve by Jon Tooley. Clouded Yellow / Jon Tooley
  • 20.06.13 And the winner of the most stupidly long antennae goes to......

    I've been sent a few photos of crazy looking moths in the last week. These micro-moths are members of the longhorn family - named because they, well see for yourself. The antennae of these moths is ridiculously long - many times the length of their bodies.Robert and Joanna sent in
  • 20.06.13 Woodpecker cracks it

    A few days ago Neil emailed to tell us that the young great spotted woodpecker in his garden wasn't getting the hang of how to use the bird feeders (see sighting report on 15.06.13). You'll be pleased to know this young woodpecker is a fast learner and is now feeding
  • 16.06.13 Bring on the ladies

    There have been more sightings of painted lady butterflies from around Lewes. I saw one on Sunday on Chapel Hill and Jon Tooley took this great photo of one in his Lewes garden.
  • 15.06.13 For those about to knock

    It seems that a new generation great-spotted woodpecker chicks are leaving the nest and taking their first flights (and pecks). Neil Merchant sent in this report from his garden"For the past few days, mum's been bringing her solitary youngster to our bird feeders: junior has stayed on the pole while
  • Tough diggingAuthor Huw MorganWith views over Brighton and down to the sea, the Racehill Community orchard was a fantastic setting for a spot of wild flower planting over the weekend. The new orchard is