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  • 19.05.13 Butterfly Walk at Malling Down

    The cold weather, grey skies and, at one point, drizzle weren't particularly what I hoped for when I planned this butterfly walk a few months back. Nevertheless a team of 18 optimistic folk joined me as we headed up The Coombe at Malling Down.This part of the Sussex Wildlife Trust's
  • 16.05.13 Love bites

    Photo sent in by Chrissie of two slow worms. Slow Worms / Chrissie Saunders"Mating behaviour apparently!!" as Chrissie said - and she's absolutely right. Slow worm courtship is a strange affair with the
  • 16.05.05 Black Kite over Lewes Brooks

    A black kite was reported south of Lewes on Thursday. These raptors migrate into Europe in large numbers each summer and breed across southern and central Europe.Each year a few wanderers take a wrong turn and are reported drifting over Sussex . They are similar in appearance to the red
  • 16.05.13 Spring wildlife in a woodland near Lewes

    Photos from Bob EadeFrom top to bottom: Grizzled skipper, dingy skipper, the micro-moth Pyrausta purpuralis, the carrion beetle Nicrophorus vespillo, broad-bodied chaser and large red damselfly.
  • 13.05.13 Wooly Bear on the Loose!

    Question from Jenny:I was clearing out weeds from the greenhouse and came across 2 of these wonderfully hairy caterpillars. If you have any idea what butterfly / moth it will become, please let me know.

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