Archive of: May, 2013

  • 29.05.13 Blooming marvellous!

    Our walk through the Sussex Wildlife Trust's Southerham reserve today wasn't as sunny - or as warm as I had hoped for and spring butterflies were hard to find (although we did see an orange-tip and a dingy skipper). Luckily a fine display of burnt orchids more than made up
  • 28.05.13 Mating adders

    These adders were photographed by David Bradford in a woodland near Lewes. In the centre of the photo you can see the blood-red eye of the male adder. adders/ David Bradford
  • Compost badger

    A badger has been visiting the compost bins at Woods Mill nature reserve. There are no meat products in the compost bin, just the usual uncooked vegetable matter, fruit and shredded paper etc, but also lots of juicy worms!
  • Great Snakes!

    adder / Elliot NeepAuthor Tom ForwardA stones throw from our office here in Tilgate Park, we are working to manage a small patch of heathland no more 0.36
  • 20.05.13 Two-banded Longhorn Beetle

    Nick sent in this photo of a beetle he found while in woodlands near Barcombe. It's the two-banded longhorn beetle Rhagium bifasciatum. Two-banded Longhorn Beetle