Archive of: October, 2012

  • Swallow Swan Song

    Author Mike RussellSometimes you really do need just to stand and stare. I've been doing that a bit recently, mainly on my lovely walk home from Woods Mill in the evening, through the nature reserve and onto the adjoining farm, absolute bliss.swallows / Neil Fletcher
  • Go Nuts for Dormice

    By Laurie Jacksondormouse / Hugh ClarkWhen I say the word dormouse what springs to mind? Perhaps a snoozing guest at the Mad Tea Party? It is true the Germans call it the Schlafmaus (sleeping mouse) and
  • Spoiling for a Fight

    Author Ronnie Reedconkers / Nikki PughConkers! Gift wrapped in mottled green cases that harden and turn brown with age; everyone loves them; small children and very big children. Who can resist bending down, rooting through a
  • Ice cream and swords: A heathland history lesson

    Author Michael BlencoweShield and spear / Sophie May LewisThe heathlands of Sussex are home to some of our most weird and wonderful plants and animals; nightjar, dodder, adder, black darter, silver-studded blue, potter