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  • Crouching Ranger, Hidden Dragons...

    Author Ryan GreavesImmature broad-bodied chaser basking / Calum LyleFor about a year and a half, Sussex Wildlife Trust's Youth Rangers have been managing an area beside the Foredown Tower, in
  • Buzzard Rage Rages On!

    UPDATE: Buzzard Joy (30/05/12)Author Mike Russellbuzzard / Amy LewisWell, you people do like your buzzards don't you? It is so heartening to receive so many comments, outraged by this proposed project and
  • A New Watering Hole

    Author Huw MorganThe weekend saw Sussex Wildlife Trust's Access to Nature projectworking with volunteers and the local Ranger to help plant up the newly refurbished Sheepcote Valley pond in Brighton. Over the winter, contractors dug out and re-lined an existing pond, extending its area and depth, and ensuring
  • Candid Cameras

    Author Mike Russellgreat tit nest box / Chris PierceI hope many of you have been enjoying following the fortunes of Neil Fletcher's blue tit familyon the Sussex Wildlife Trust website over
  • Buzzard Rage

    UPDATE: Buzzard Joy (30/05/12)Author Mike Russellbuzzard / Alan PriceAt last it's warm; my walk in to work at Woods Mill today was glorious. Birds were in full song and the nightingales serenaded me
  • As darkness falls

    In 21st century Britain, how often do we choose to be out in the countryside as darkness falls?Our reticence may lead us to miss wonderful wildlife experiences such as hearing the intriguing 'churring' call of the nocturnal and elusive nightjar, returning from Africa to spend the summer in Sussex.
  • 14 Up

    Neil Fletcher takes a regular look at the everyday wildlife at Woods Mill, headquarters of the Sussex Wildlife Trust, and at his home in nearby Henfield.Two weeks old and our chicks are now feathering up nicely, but you'll notice we're now down to three. I thought that all four were