Archive of: February, 2012

  • Spawn to be wild

    Author Jess Pricefrogspawn / Rongem BoyoEvery year I get phone calls from people worried about the frog spawn and tadpoles in their ponds. It may be cold outside, but amphibians are already out and about in Sussex looking for possible
  • World Wetlands Day

    Author Barry Yatesbittern / Barry YatesToday was the day to celebrate the biodiversity of our wetlands (see and it just so happens it was the day I read the latest edition of British Birds.There
  • Ponds for Life

    Author Kevin Lerwilltoad at his \'Local\' / Alan PriceI would like to suggest that the one of the most valuable habitats to have in your garden is a pond. I would even go as far as to suggest that