Archive of: August, 2011

  • Texting Cows

    Author Graeme LyonsBritish white cow with GPS collar / Graeme LyonsIt surprised me yesterday that I had not yet written a blog about this Trust project before so here goes. I went to Ebernoe yesterday where we are grazing
  • Author Erin PettiferOn Friday 12th August, our week of diverse and consistently great Marine Week activities came to an end. For me it ended on a high, with the final event at Seven Sisters really highlighting why so much effort is expended by invaluable volunteers and committed staff to
  • Its all so quiet

    Author Jess PriceDuring spring birds certainly put on a good show. At first we enjoy the cacophony of bird song surrounding us during the breeding season. Then we can spend time watching busy parents flying back and forth to their
  • Snakelock Sunday

    Author Ronnie Reedsnakelock anemone / Paul NaylorLike the head of Medusa in Greek Mythology, snakelock anemones are a writhing mass of tangled green tentacles, tipped with purple. This anemone can be found in shallow, brightly lit pools of water
  • Sea Squirts Saturday

    Author Ronnie Reedsea squirt / Paul NaylorAttached to rocks on the lower shore, sea squirts can be solitary; live in densely packed clumps, or fuse together to form colonies. Their bodies are embedded in a jelly-like gelatinous coating or
  • Fanworm Friday

    Author Ronnie Reedfanworm / Paul NaylorThese small worms tuck themselves away inside a tube made out of mucus and tiny particles of sediment. They have brightly coloured crowns of feathery tentacles covered with tiny beating hairs which filter food
  • Thongweed Thursday

    Author Ronnie Reedthongweed Look for thongweed on wave swept beaches along the English Channel. During its first year, this seaweed looks like a mushroom on a short stalk growing among the red seaweeds which are normally found on the
  • Wrasse Wednesday

    Author Ronnie Reedballan wrasse / Geir FriestadThis is a brash, brightly coloured family of fish. The most common wrasse around our coastline is the ballan which is found around seaweed in shallow waters off rocky shores or in lower